Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Feedback is very important in Library 2.0. Comments to our Hot Topics blogs could provide me with an idea of what topics people are interested in. We could use a comment option on our Readers Connection page. Could talk about new books or authors in the news and solict comments from the public. I think we could do alot with our Readers Connection page with Libray 2.0. Would like to see more interaction with the public. Comments could help us with our collection development also.

I would like to see us do some more surveys. Good idea is what programming to provide our public. Definitely customer satisfaction.

Keeping up with the comments and blogs will be a barrier for us. With staff cuts, time will be precious.

My blog is not great, but please comment on how you would use Library 2.0 in your library.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

RSS & Newsreaders

I've always seen RSS on many blogs, but never paid attention to them. Will try it out. Will my I be swamped with information? When will I find the time to read them :) Using the ones I've chosen would help all aspects of my work life. It would keep me informed about the latest trends and library news. Also help with my reader advisory. Always looking for a good book to recommend to a patron. I wonder how many patrons have a feed to our Hot Topics page.