Thursday, February 14, 2008

LIsts, Lists and More Lists

This week's tools would really help someone who likes to use their computer for reminders and lists. I'm an old fashion person. I'll just keep looking at my calendar on the fridge and make my list on old scrap paper. Since I'm part time at work, I don't have any lists - whatever is on my desk, I work on. I could probably use Remember the Milk for my LSTA grant monthly deadlines. Otherwise, I don't see myself using these tools.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Goggle Docs

Wow, I never knew about this. I love Project Play. Can we have it forever? I can see using this at work and at home. At work, we could suggest to patrons using our Internet machines. Maybe some short slideshows on our website as instructional tools: how to renew online, how to use Worldcat etc.


Always wanted to learn about IM, so this lesson was helpful. I'll have to set up some IM at work and IM with Joy to complete this week's assignment. I know Joy and Keetra at Winnefox use IM alot. I could see OPL using it at the reference desk. I think patrons who use AskAway think the librarian is monitoring the email consistently. I always wondered what Meebo was! I'll also have to learn some of the acronyms - I feel so old :)