Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ok, this lesson makes podcasting look too easy. I'll have to tell our teen librarian about Gabcast. She was going to do some podcasts with her Teen Advisory Group. This would be easy for the kids to do. They could record and she could put a link on the teen page. I was always hearing that you had to edit them etc. Those are the fancy podcasts. We could start small.

Our teen podcasts may be on issues that teens deal with in their personal life - eating disorders, cutting, suicide. Our teen librarian is hoping to get an individual involved in these issues to interview and tie the podcast in with a web page with resources.

Our youth department could do some storytimes and reference department could feature new & current services.

Definitely a great way to reach out to our public.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Social Networking

Looked at Pawtucket PL, Arapahoe PL and Denver PL. All promoted their events and had the same look. I liked the friendly look to Pawtucket's page. Denver had music. Libraries would have more exposure via MySpace since Facebook is limited to account holders only. You can tell most libraries are reaching out to the teen via MySpace since their pages note Teen books, events etc. OPL has a MySpace page, but nothing has been done with it since the librarian who set it up left. As Lexia, mentioned maybe some of our teens could work on it. The part that I wonder about are the comments on the MySpace page. One of the libraries had a conversation between two friends. Nothing to do with libraries. I would prefer that libraries be the topic.