Sunday, April 6, 2008

Final Thoughts on Project Play, Semester 2

I made it! I didn't keep up with the lessons as well as I did in Semester 1, but I did get them done. What a rewarding semester. I hope other librarians will get a chance to take these lessons. Any librarian who wants to keep up with the latest in her/his field should take them.

The Seth Godin video struck a nerve with me. He talked alot about curiosity and how some people are fearful. I see myself as being a curious person. I wanted to be involved in Project Play because I've heard so much about Library 2.0. You have to be curious in our field. Everything is geared towards technology and you must keep up with it. When I first started my job at OPL, I came forward when they were looking for someone to get involved with digitization. I look back and see what I have learned, due to my curiosity, and I'm glad I did it. I wish others would be so willing.

I would like to get myself and our library involved in podcasting and screencasting. We've had a MySpace page, but hasn't been worked on for about two years. We've been using blogs for some parts of our website. Recently, we received a LSTA grant to set up a photo/video album. We are asking individuals to submit historical & current photographs and videos to the library. We will scan them, make a CD for the individual and return their originals to them. We are posting the pictures into Photobucket. We had a program on photo/video sharing sites for the public. So our library has become involved with Library 2.0 with this project. You can view it at Picture Oshkosh

After the lesson on MySpace and Facebook, I discovered some family members had accounts on Facebook. I've set up an account and have sent messages to my niece in PA. She is a diehard Brett Favre fan! I'm hoping to get back to it and add photos to share with my family members. I'm also going to set up an account for my parents. I don't think I would have done this if it wasn't for Project Play.

Thanks to Joy, Beth, Stef and Jean for their hard work in coordinating the Project and the lessons.

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