Thursday, November 1, 2007


I didn't know this existed. It's great. I can use it to keep track of what I've read and get some suggestions. I can see us using this for Readers' Advisory in our library. We could make some reading lists or even get some read-alikes for display purposes.

Here's my library As you can see, I'm into series. The Covington & Cape Light books are similar to Jan Karon and Miss Julia books - its characters all reside in the same town. "Night of the Howling Dogs" I read along with my son. He's a sixth grader who is finally enjoying reading, but its hard to find books for him. Currently, he's reading the first of the Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz.

I asked for suggestions similar to "Night of the Howling Dogs." They did suggest Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen. He read that book and enjoyed it. It recommended "Schooled" by Gordan Korman. I'll have to have him try that one.

The problem with all of these Web 2.0 products is finding the time to keep up with them. I don't go on my blog except for the class and I haven't checked my feeds in over two weeks. Where do people find time to do all of this?

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