Thursday, November 1, 2007


Flickr rules! Guess I need to figure out how to use Flickr. Everybody uses it. I would like to use it personally to upload some family photos. I've scanned relatives that I would like to share with my family. A genealogy set. For work, we could definitely use it for library events and get comments back. Would like to post a historical photo for assistance or some kind of contest.


Alexia.OPL said...

So, is this one of your family members?

I'd like to use staff photos of dogs for National Library Week.
Copper's favorite book:
Lexie's favorite book:

Should we use Flickr?


schwartz said...

This is a picture of my great-great grandmother. My mother had collected numerous pictures, had copies made and passed them on to my brothers and I.

I think using Flickr would be great for temporary photos. CONTENTdm could be used more for the local history/historical images.

It would give some pizazz to the site too.